We believe in the creation of a city, town, landscape or building similar to how a traditional farmer cares for the corn, beans, and tomatoes of his crops.


In this way our work is a rupture from the notion of architecture as a cause and effect of the city but rather born into the cause and effect of the natural.


Architecture, city, and nature seen inseparable.


This philosophy of interconnectedness is embedded in our practice, our collaborators, team members and our clients.


The result is an architecture that aims for health, peace, and meaning through the play between imagination and technique.

When before the impossible, shoot with no delay.

Architecture can be an act of commitment.

In the darkest room a single candle need burn for there to be a flood of light.

Architecture can be an act of compassion.

And we choose forward, not just for the love of knowledge, but for the love of change.

Architecture can be an act of confidence.

Great art, whether expressing itself in words, colors or stones, does not say the same thing over and over.

Architecture can be an act of creativity.


The one result of structure is the innevitable growth of freedom.

Architecture can be an act of liberation.

Founder and Principal

Arch. John Osborne


Education and Professional Experience


2000                                Bachelor in Architecture “Universidad del Diseño” San Jose, Costa Rica.

2000-2006                     Project Architect at “RoTo Architects” Los Angeles, California.

2006-2009                     Principal and co-Founder at “Laboratory Sustaining Design” Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

2009-Present                Principal and Founder “Os Arquitectura” Guanacaste, Costa Rica / Los Angeles,                                             California.


Awards and Involvement


1998                                ACSA / OTIS “Honorable Mention for Otis International Design Award” .

1998-2000                     3rd year Design Studio Assistant Professor “Universidad del Diseño” San Jose,                                                Costa Rica.

2000                                ACSA / OTIS “2nd Place and finalist for Elevator Urban Housing Otis International                                            Design award” Istambul, Turkey.

2000                               Invited speaker at International Architecture Conference “MUNDANEUM”                                                           San Jose, Costa Rica.

2001                               Archiprix International Thesis Competition Nominee.

2001-2006                    Led Award winning projects for RoTo Architects ” Proposal for World Trade                                                      Center”, “CD7 Pacoima CIty Hall”, “Lucibello Confalone Amalfi Master Plan and                                                Spa.

2003-2006                    Assistant Studio Professor to Michael Rotondi at “Southern California Institute of                                               Architecture”.

20010                            Featured project in “revista Su Casa” for Osmosis House.

2011                              Nominated for International Young Architects Marcus Prize Award.