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The attack on the Twin Towers on September 11th can now be seen as a historical turning point for 20th century society as a whole. It was an attack on safety.
Not instilled by the fall of the towers but by the terror instilled by politicians for the fear of the “other”. The events of September 11th and the succession of the events after these attacks can be seen as a lost opportunity for questioning and debating the very core issues that are degrading our society as a whole. It was an opportunity for coming wasted.
The project was the result of an invitation by the Max Protetch Gallery in New York calling for many world-renowned architects to present their proposals for the New Ground Zero site.
I was working for Michael Rotondi at the time and was appointed as the Project Architect for this 2month conceptual charrette.
After countless minutes of sitting at the table without words spoken we both looked at each other and began to wonder how things would unfold after the events of 9-11.
A big void was left with fall of the towers and this void was an opportunity for remembrance, silence, reflection and further discussion in the realm of humanities.
The plan was simple, all the square footage lost was to be rebuilt and exceeded in the surrounding area of the towers. This would create a large oval void that represented an egg. In Etruscan mythology the Orphic Egg was a representation of creation and transformation and this was the directive for remembrance and discussion in the multiple humanitarian debate halls to surround the void.
The location of the two towers was marked by two grass fields held at the city level by 4000 columns representing the souls departed and would only be accessed by a pilgrimage that commenced at the pit of the void and spiraled up to the platforms.
Ground Zero would become a World Citizen Center for the memory and creation of the humanities in conjunction with world trade.

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